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Michael Is World’s Best Subaru Technician

Subaru’s global World Skills Tournament has been won by Sydney technician Michael Cooper, who gains the distinction of becoming the first overseas winner of the prestigious Japan-based award.
Michael has worked at Subaru Rosebery, Sydney, for five years.
The intense two-day competition was held at the Subaru Academy in Takao, Japan and involved participants from authorized Subaru dealers in 14 countries.
Technicians underwent comprehensive written tests, troubleshooting of issues deliberately “planted” in vehicles, calibration tests and electrical circuit tests.
Subaru Managing Director, Nick Senior, said: “This is a remarkable achievement by Michael. He’s brought an amazing honour to himself, Subaru Rosebery and our brand by not only winning, but by becoming the first non-Japanese technician to take the honour.
“The testing process entrants undergo is mentally draining, as they strive to identify pre-programmed issues against the clock, but Michael has shown fantastic strength of character and knowledge to effectively becoming the top Subaru technician in the world. He is to be commended for his dedication and ability.”
Michael was mentored by trainers from the Subaru Academy in Sydney, Gary Pearce, Robert Car and Steve Kennett.
In Japan to support Michael was Subaru Australia’s Technical Support Team Manager, Andrew Fleming.
Michael, who lives at Carlton, NSW, began his career at Bankstown Subaru. He is currently foreman at Suttons Subaru Rosebery.
To qualify for the finals Michael completed an online entry exam in Australia, a behavioural interview and a two-day competition at the Subaru Academy, Sydney.
Michael won a $1600 prize and a trophy.